Donate your gently used clothes

Earn up to $50 CAD in Bitcoin Cash (BCH




1. Choose a charity from the list below.

2. Look through your closet for clothes that fit charity's needs/guidelines.

3. Write down the total number of items you are donating (you'll need this later).

4. Take one photo of the clothes before bagging them (first photo).

5. Place clothes into LARGE CLEAR plastic bags (recommended brand and size) and attach the COINS 4 CLOTHES logo (download here) on each bag with today's date. Bags should be no smaller than 90L. Using bags smaller than 90 L may impact amount of BCH received.

6.Take a photo of your clothes all bagged up (second photo).

7. Donate the clothes to the charity, ensuring you take photographs of yourself dropping the bags off at the charity site (third photo).

8. If you don't have a BCH wallet already, download and install the wallet by following our guide here.

9. Complete the submission form below.

10. Get paid in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)*

Note: You need 3 photo proofs when submitting your form:

  • photo before bagging clothes

  • photo after bagging them and taping Coins 4 Clothes logo/date

  • photo of you donating clothes at the charity site. 

*We will reward you with $10 CAD in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for every large clear plastic bag full of clothes, up to a maximum of $50 CAD (5 bags) per donation visit. You will also earn $5 CAD in BCH if you tweet about your donation experience (with photos or videos). Ensure you tag @Coins4Clothes and use the hashtags: #Coins4Clothes #BCH #BitcoinCash 

If you are new to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or digital currencies in general, be sure to read our Bitcoin Basics Guide which will walk you through setting up your first Bitcoin Cash wallet.





Wolseley Family Place is multi-service support centre for vulnerable families, providing a wide range of supports including family counselling, health and wellness education, as well as a variety of individual and community based activities. The various programs at Wolsely aim at helping families reach their fullest potential, reducing the risk of child abuse, and improving the overall health of families and their children.


Some of the programs provided at Wolseley Family Place include: Free meals, Parenting Suppourt, Health Education, Prenatal Classes, Playrooms, Arts and Crafts programs, Family and crisis counselling as well as free (or virtually free) clothing for those in need.


Your clothing donation will help support those in need of new and gently used clothing as well as help support the centre's other programs and services. 

Clothes accepted:

New and gently used Men's/Women's/Children's/Baby clothing including outerwear, bags, professional clothes, shoes and accessories. Do not donate any soiled or damaged items. Seasonal items such as coats, hats, and boots in the winter, or shorts / short sleeves in the summer are most appreciated. Do not donate linens or household items. New socks and new underwear are always appreciated. 

Drop off Hours: 
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00am – 12:00pm, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Be sure to get a photo of yourself dropping off your donation to qualify for a BCH reward!


Wolsley Family Place, Lower Level, 691 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 1C3

Charity Website:
To donate to this charity, simply follow our brief guide at the top of this page.
Once you've finished step 8, click the button below to submit your request. 



Siolam Mission provides shelter, clothing, employment assistance, food programs, mental health services, spiritual care and community education to hundreds of Winnipeg's homeless and under-housed individuals. The shelter facilities provide a safe place to spend the night, hygiene items as well as a hot shower.


The Mission's most effective call-to-action is it's drop-in meal program.Three Hot meals are provided on a daily basis to over 600 individuals, with over a million cups of coffee being served. By meeting people's most basic needs for food, Once someone meets the very basic need of food, the Siolam mission is setting them up for access to a myriad of services now that they are inside the building. 


Living on the streets can take its toll on a person's health, which is why Siloam Mission offers  health services such as primary care, dentistry, physiotherapy and health education to its visitors.


Siolam Mission's The Madison Residence provides supportive housing to 123 residents who currently face or are at risk of facing homelessness. Community events are organized with the intent of building a sense of community between the residents and to help them integrate into regular society. 

The clothing room provides dignified new and gently used clothes to the many visitors coming into the Siloam Mission. Living on the streets often means limited access to clean or undamaged clothing. Your clothing donation can help support Winnipeg's most vulnerable men and women by providing them with a clean, warm change of clothes to call their own. 

Clothes accepted:

New and gently used Men's/Women's clothing including outerwear, bags, shoes and accessories. Sleeping bags, and weather proof /water proof clothes are most appreciated. Do not donate any soiled or damaged items. Seasonal items such as coats, hats, and boots in the winter, or shorts / short sleeves in the summer are most appreciated. New socks and New underwear. Used underwear / socks will NOT be accepted. Please do not donate formal clothes such as suits/dresses. Clean practical items in good condition are preferred. 

Drop off Hours: 

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM 

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


300 Princess Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1M3 

Charity Website:
To donate to this charity, simply follow our brief guide at the top of this page.
Once you've finished step 8, click the button below to submit your request. 



South Winnipeg Family Information Centre (SWFIC) is a non-profit, community based family resource centre delivering  programs and services which are designed to empower individuals and enhance relationships within their families and communities.The programs and services offered allow the building of stronger, closer families with more resilient children. 

Programs range in scope and cover the following areas : youth support and education, family support and parenting workshops, drop in, and resources. Some examples of programs include  : basic study skills for students, a peer support group for children experiencing divorce or separation, the evidence based parenting program Triple P, and a drop in centre providing snacks, coffee, wifi, and access to resources and support. 

Their clothing closet is a free clothing program specifically for women who recently left an abusive relationship, or women currently looking for a job. Your clothing donation can help support women in need, many of whom are mothers or single mothers. 

Clothes accepted:

Women's gently used Professional clothing suitable for a job interview. Suits, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Blouses, Tops, Shoes, Boots, Coats, Accessories, Jewelry, Scarves, Purses, Belts. Plus sized clothing is always in high demand. Used undergarments will not be accepted under any circumstances. Brand new bras/underwear/hosiery are most appreciated. All donations should be clean, current, ready-to-wear clothing appropriate for a women who is going to a job interview.

Drop off Hours: 

9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday in the lower level of the Fort Garry United Church, at 800 Point Road. Please ring the buzzer to enter the building.

Make sure you get a photo of yourself dropping off your donations to be eligible for your BCH reward!


800 Point Rd Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 3L8

Charity Website:
To donate to this charity, simply follow our brief guide at the top of this page.
Once you've finished step 8, click the button below to submit your request. 


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