Suits me Fine

Suits Me Fine (SMF),is a free clothing store  open to all CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) clients.


The store assists those CAMH clients who cannot afford to buy new clothes by offering a wide range of wardrobe choices from essentials such as socks and undergarments to casual wear and formal attire for important occasions such as job interviews, court appointments and special events. 

Volunteers assist approximately 20-50 clients a day , providing a welcoming place for the clients to socialize with friends and meet new acquaintances. These social interactions not only reduce the risk of alienation but give clients opportunities that many take for granted, such as having a place to shop and a place to get their nails done. 

Your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donation can help provide clothing for those CAMH clients who do not have or cannot afford a new change of clothes. If you have gently used clothing you would like to donate for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), please schedule an appointment