St. Michael's Rotary Transition Centre

St. Michael's Hoispital Rotary Transition Centre provides a temporary refuge for patients at St. Michaels who were discharged from emergency, but have no place to go. The Rotary Transition Centre is a 24 hour facility that provides access to clean clothing, laundry, a telephone, shower, bed, food, as well as access to a social worker. Since 1999, the Rotary Transition Centre has served about 1,000 homeless patients every year.

I first learned about St. Michael's Rotary Transition Center when I had a stock of gently used clothing that I wanted to donate. After doing some research, I discovered that many of the clothing banks and charities in my area were actually for profit companies who received their product for free and then sold it at a mark up. Instead I decided to look for ways to donate my clothing to Toronto's homeless - those who would be in most need and would receive the greatest benefit. 

Your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donation will help support some of the over 1,000 men and women who use this service every year. If you have comfortable, gently used clothing you would like to donate for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), please schedule an appointment