Good Shepherd Ministries

Good Shepherd Ministries offer programs and services to some of Toronto's most vulnerable homeless populations. 


Good Shepherd provides food, clothing, and beds to those who need them most. 1,300 meals are served everyday at Good Shepherd, makling it the largest free meal program in Toronto.


The Good Shepherd Centre can sleep up to 95 men per night. Over 100 articles of clothing are distributed in the morning. These articles come from donations of new and gently used clothing from the community.

At an average of 1 item of clothing per person, there is a clear need for more men's clothing at the Good Shepherd. 

Your  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donation can help fill this need, by providing clean, comfortable clothing for those staying at the Good Shepherd. If you have gently used clothing you would like to donate in exchange for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), please schedule an appointment.