We now support the work of 7 Toronto Clothing Charities!

Humble Beginnings

When I started Coins 4 Clothes, my goal was to assist homeless men, women and youth brave the harsh Canadian winter by providing them with new clothing purchased using Bitcoin Cash donations.

The Big Shift

This quickly changed to purchasing gently used clothing from everyday people, and helping them set up a Bitcoin Cash wallet while explaining the basics. We were now able to purchase about 20-30 times the volume of clothing than if we had purchased them wholesale, all the while introducing people to Bitcoin Cash.

So far we have introduced 6 people to Bitcoin Cash by explaining the basics, walking them through setting up a wallet, and answering as best we could any questions they had.

From Helping the Homeless to Helping Everybody

What we quickly found was that some clothes donated were not appropriate for those living on the streets. Suites, dress shoes, dress pants and the like don't make for comfortable dependable clothing. After receiving a big donation full of professional attire, and getting interest from some women donors, I decided to open up the charity to helping as many people meet their basic clothing needs as possible.

For this reason, Coins 4 Clothes has now partnered with 7 Toronto based charities. Here's how we work:

1. A donor signs up for an appointment, or contacts me personally to schedule a donation

2. The clothing is sorted and then tallied. The donor is then paid a nominal fee in Bitcoin Cash.

3. If the donor is new to Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash, I walk them through an introduction of the basics, help them set up a wallet and then transfer the funds to their wallet right on the spot.

4. Clothing is sorted into different bags based on the specific charities needs.

5. Clothing is dropped off to the charities, and photos of the drop off are taken.

How you can help

Our goal is to assist as many people as possible meet their basic clothing needs. We have partnered with charities such as Dress your Best and Dress for Success Toronto, who provide disadvantaged men and women with professional attire for job interviews and career changes. These are just two of the seven charities we support with gently used clothing donations.

We rely solely on Bitcoin Cash donations to operate. 100% of BCH donated goes towards purchashing gently used clothing from people in the communnity. We are helping the needy while spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption.

A $10 (Canadian) donation in BCH can allow us to purchase an average of 30 gently used articles of clothing. Including t- shirts, shoes, dress pants and blazers, back packs, skirts, sweaters, jeans etc.

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