We just placed our first order!

Thanks to your donations, Coins 4 Clothes has successfully placed our first order through walmart.ca using Bitcoin Cash donations collected from the community.

In total, this order is comprised of:

  • 12 pairs of underwear

  • 10 sticks of lip balm

  • 100 pairs of long socks

  • 10 pairs of gloves

  • 5 micro fleece throws (blankets)

During our research stage, we learned that the number one most requested item by those living on the streets were socks, followed by shoes, and underwear.

Buying shoes is tricky, given that sizing can be difficult and decent quality shoes are harder to come by. This is why we prioritize one size fits all items first, such as blankets, gloves, and socks. Finally, the cold Canadian winter motivated us to purchase some lip balm for our friends who are braving the cold every single night.

This order is expected to arrive on Monday February 12th, at which point I will begin arranging a donation run. If you would like to volunteer for a donation run, please click the volunteer link on the main menu above.

We also made our first purchase of food cards recently. These were purchased in store. In total we purchased 8 x $5 food cards and 1 x $10 food card (due to an error by the clerk processing the order). These will be distributed alongside our clothing donations.

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