A happy clothing donor who earned over $25 in Bitcoin Cash!

When we first started Coins 4 Clothes, our goal was to use Bitcoin Cash donations to purchase brand new clothing from Canadian wholesalers using cryptonize.it.

We have recently changed our model to purchasing gently used clothing from people in the community, and paying them a nominal fee in Bitcoin Cash.

We have thus been able to spread our donations much farther (about 10% of the cost of buying wholesale) all the while putting Bitcoin Cash into the pockets of people from the community.

Calvin is the first donor to schedule an appointment at our Mississauga office. This was his last day in Toronto before he headed back to Vancouver to continue the incredible work he does at http://workinggear.ca/ , a charity that helps clothe the needy for job success (i.e. suite and tie for a job interview, work boots and hard hats for a construction job). Calvin's passion is fashion and ethical sustainability, which are in line with our goals and missions at Coins 4 Clothes.

His generous donations included an exceptional hiking bag with several compartments and great cushion support, along with like new shoes, bags, socks coats and much more.

After we tallied up his clothes, he ended up leaving the office with just under $28 Canadian in Bitcoin Cash, and a big gleaming smile!

Calvin had never used or owned Bitcoin Cash before, so I walked him through a brief guide on what Bitcoin Cash is along with instructions on installing the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Calvin also left the office with a brief guide on Bitcoin Cash: What it is, how it differs from Bitcoin (BTC), where to buy more, where to spend it, and how to store it.

You can help us clothe the homeless while spreading Bitcoin Cash into the hands of people from the community, just like Calvin by donating to our address below:


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