OASIS Clothing Bank

OASIS Clothing Bank is a clothing bank that serves clients of the OASIS Addiction Recovery Society. 

OASIS uses an integrated model of recovery which includes treatment along with employment preparation and matching. OASIS has been helping people  in recovery get into the workplace for over 20 years. It is the philosophy of OASIS that recovery and employment go hand in hand. 

Donated items are either given to participants in the Oasis Addiction Recovery programs who cannot afford simple necessities or sold to partly fund the programs offered. 

Currently over 800 individuals annually participate in the Oasis programs, many being reintegrated back into society with meaningful work.


Your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donation can help provide the participants of the OASIS Addiction Recovery program with gently used clothing and housewares. If you have gently used clothing or housewares you would like to donate for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), please schedule an appointment.