Earn Bitcoin Cash for your gently used clothes



We give people an incentive to do good, by rewarding them with the crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) every time they make a clothing donation to an approved local charity. 

We also provide education and support to every clothing donor, teaching them how to store their coins, how to send and receive transactions, and where they can spend their Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In this way we offer a low barrier of entry for anyone looking to get into crypto-currency, while helping provide clothing to communities across Canada

You can start earning Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today for your clothing donations if you live in one of our supported Regions. Click here to learn more. 


This program is currently on hold as the majority of Canadian charities are no longer accepting gently used clothes. Please visit @coins4clothes on twitter to see updates on our efforts to provide food, clothing and toiletries to people living on the streets, and those experiencing extreme poverty.

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To donate simply scan the QR code below or send your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the following address :





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