Earn Bitcoin Cash for your gently used clothes



We give people an incentive to do good, by rewarding them with the crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) every time they make a clothing donation to an approved local charity. 

We also provide education and support to every clothing donor, teaching them how to store their coins, how to send and receive transactions, and where they can spend their Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In this way we offer a low barrier of entry for anyone looking to get into crypto-currency, while helping provide clothing to communities across Canada

You can start earning Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today for your clothing donations if you live in one of our supported Regions. Click here to learn more. 


This program is currently on hold as the majority of Canadian charities are no longer accepting gently used clothes. Please visit @coins4clothes on twitter to see updates on our efforts to provide food, clothing and toiletries to people living on the streets, and those experiencing extreme poverty.

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To donate simply scan the QR code below or send your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the following address :





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Frequently asked questions

How do you spend the donations received?

All donations received are in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). With the exception of hosting, domain renwal, and occasional development costs, 100% of the remaining donations are paid to clothing donors from cities across Canada, when they donate clothes to an eligible charity. You can view our transaction history by visting the financials page.

How can I be sure my donations are being used to help the needy?

We have strict requirments for clothing charity partners. For a nominated charity to be accepted it must meet the following criteria: 1. Established charity with minimum 1 year online presence. 2. Must donate all clothes to members of the local community. 3. Charities which sell clothing (for profit or otherwise) will almost never be accepted To ensure clothing donors are actually donating the clothes we have a number of systems in place: 1. Requiring clothing donors to photograph clothing 2. Provide us with a clothing count 3. Place all donations in clear plastic bags with our logo and date attached 4. Take a photo/video of the donation drop off at the charity site Donations and purchases will be tracked on our Financials page. You can download an excel file which displays a manually updated list of all incoming and outgoing transactions. Or you can see this information live on the blockchain.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ? Can I spend it anywhere?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a digital peer-to-peer currency that allows you to instantly send money to anyone, anywhere in the world, virtually for free. You access your funds by installing an app called a 'wallet' on your phone or computer. You can spend Bitcoin Cash at number of online retailers and some physical locations as well. Also, if you live in the United States, Canada , or U.K. you can save up to 33% on all of your Amazon purchases when you pay with Bitcoin Cash. Partial list of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) accepting merchants: Green Pages Marco Coino Merchant Directory Accept Bitcoin Cash Inititave

Who benefits from this charity?

The beneficiaries of this charity include: 1. Disadvantaged Men, Women, Youth, and Children: Imagine if you could earn some money for doing good, wouldn't you be more likely to do good? By paying clothing donors a small fee for their clothing donations, we are helping more clothes get to people that need them. 2. Anyone living in Canada with clothes to donate: We give clothing donors a small gift in the form of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) everytime they donate to their local charity.We educate anyone new to the scene and help them set up their own wallet, thereby introducing new people to crypto-currency and the magic of Bitcoin. 3. The Bitcoin Cash Community: By introducing new people to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), we are increasing the spread and adoption of this truly extraordinary currency. A $10 donation in Bitcoin Cash means not only clothing someone in need, but it often also means introducing someone to Bitcoin Cash. Coins 4 Clothes can also serve as an example to the limitless possibilities that crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin Cash can provide for charities in terms of transparency, accountability and reach. Proof of Concept: BCH as the premier Non-Profit Currency Coins 4 Clothes only accepts and only spends crypto-currency, specifically Bitcoin Cash. It demonstrates a proof of concept for BCH as a world-wide currency capable of supporting the needs of charities and their donors by offering: 1. Transparency (all transactions are logged and visable on our Financials page) 2. Low transaction fees 3. Censorship resistance 4. World-wide reach

How can I earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for my clothes?

If you live in Canada you can qualify to earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) when you donate to your local clothing charity. The first step is to browse the list of cities we have available. If you don't see your city on the list, and you happen to know about a good local clothing charity, feel free to nominate a charity. Simply follow the instructions on our website to get started.



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